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GasJack Construction is your trusted partner in creating healthcare spaces that combine functionality and comfort. We understand that healthcare facilities are unique in their demands, requiring a delicate balance between clinical precision and a welcoming, healing environment.

Our team excels in constructing hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and specialised healthcare facilities that meet the highest standards of patient care and operational efficiency. We work closely with healthcare providers, architects, and regulatory authorities to ensure that your healthcare project is not only compliant but also exceptional.

GasJack Construction is committed to integrating state-of-the-art medical technology, creating comfortable patient rooms, and designing spaces that promote the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals. Our focus on safety, hygiene, and patient-centric design ensures that your healthcare space reflects your commitment to quality care. When you partner with GasJack Construction, you can trust us to deliver healthcare facilities that enhance patient outcomes, streamline operations, and provide a healing environment for all.

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Jack took the time to meet with us to understand what was required and the urgency of finding a resolution to our ongoing Sports Centre and Swimming Pool issues. Jack was able to offer varying designs and solutions at different costings ensuring that all of the options were covered and explained fully regarding output and capability to determine what was best for the University.

When undertaking a large plant room refit for the sports centre and swimming pool, Jack and the team swiftly and professionally decommissioned and removed the dated Rehema, Andrews boilers and flue system.

They supplied and fitted 4 x 150kw Viessmann boilers into a bespoke cascaded system to enable the swimming pool plate heat exchanger and the heat load of the sports centre building to be run alongside each other without issue.  The new cascade flue system was installed to service the replacement Viessmann Vito-Cell 1000 litre cylinder, to allow instant hot water demand was provided and covered all areas. There was a huge amount of associated products and works required and these were carried out to ensure the whole plantroom, heating and hot water system was set up to be controlled via the new BMS.

Working with GasJack has been a joy.

Jack and his team are helpful and considerate, putting the customer first at all times.

Lynn Tamsett-White
Head of Estates Marjon University 2021